Using Sims with datreant objects

Since MDSynthesis is built on top of datreant, many datreant components are exposed in the MDSynthesis namespace.


discover([dirpath, depth, treantdepth]) Find all Treants within given directory, recursively.


Treant(treant[, new, categories, tags]) The Treant: a Tree with a state file.
Tree(dirpath[, limbs]) A directory.
Leaf(filepath) A file in the filesystem.
View(*vegs, **kwargs) An ordered set of Trees and Leaves.
Bundle(*treants, **kwargs) An ordered set of Treants.
Group(treant[, new, categories, tags]) A Treant with a persistent Bundle of other Treants.

Learning more

See the datreant docs for details on how to put these objects to work with your Sims.